Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Care For Black hair

Cuticle, Melanin, Cortex, Sebaceous glands and Follicle are all contributed to make hair.

There are many types of hair such as Vellus hair, Lanugo and Terminal hair. People should care of their hair.

People who have black hair, should keep in mind the following tips for caring hair:

  • For producing the oil, one should massage the head daily.
  • If one has curly hair in black color, always use a wide-toothed comb, but one has relaxed hair, can use a brush that has natural bristle.
  • The natural oils can be spread in the hair by combing several times; it can make hair healthier and shinier. For caring black hair, use intensive pre-shampoo on the hair.
  • One feel necessary to shampoo the hair, before starting shampoo the hair, first of all wet hair very well and then use a little quantity of shampoo. Rinse gently and do not rub the black hair.
  • Massage with hot oil to black hair at least one time in the month. It can reduce the scalp diseases and gives the best results like moisturize the black hair.
  • Always use a tiny round brush and hair dryer for blending the hair in case of having baby fine hair or delicate fringe.
  • One can use gels to mould black hair in any shape.
  • Select products that have non-greasy formulas for getting results like healthy hair with shine.
  • If one uses curling tongs or hot combs, be sure about the shield black hair by using products that containing protective ingredients.
  • Use a finishing spray on the hair for adding shine and extra hold of hair
  • A softening shampoo is necessary for braided black hair that is useful to eliminate a dry scalp and maintain the moisture balance.


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